2PM – Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

Release date: April 19, 2010
Label: JYP Entertainment


  1. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
  2. Without U
  3. 마자 (Maja)
  4. 목숨을 건다 (I Will Give You My Life)
  5. Without U (Explorer Mix)
  6. Space 마자 (Space Maja)

This mini-album — the first after former member JaeBom left the group — is a step 2PM takes to reinvent themselves.

However, there are some kind of mixed signals being given here. The mini starts off with a song proclaiming 2PM’s strength amidst all the controversy. It is hard, angry and very grr, then the rest of the songs are somewhat emo. Then again, 2PM are very schizophrenic when it comes to the concept of their songs. They always sing about love/relationships/a girl, with subjects like: “You broke my heart, I hate you, you don’t deserve me, I am moving on.” Then they are all: “I loved you so much, I miss you, I want you back, I hope you’re happy without me.”

Make up your damn mind, 2PM. When you do, I will be waiting for you in Sweden.

All in all, this mini was pretty meh. Some good songs, all little R&B mixed with dance tracks. Nothing really stands out, yet it doesn’t really suck.

Best track: 마자 (Maja)

Rating: ★★¾☆☆ 

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