The Exogenesis of the Matrix According to Muse

3. Space rock/electronic

(e.g., We Are the Universe, The Exogenesis Symphony, Take a Bow)

4. Classical

(e.g., Dance of the Knight, Collateral Damage, The Exogenesis Symphony)

5. Tragic romance

(e.g.,Man of Mystery, Soaked)

Taking both the theme and the music elements into account, it occurs to me that somehow it would be a matter of striking a perfect combination of everything. In other words, the upcoming album is likely to give us a taste of all our favorite “ingredients” of the band — as always, the difference would be how (well) they are mixed and matched and whether everything would fall into place, as with the critically acclaimed Black Holes and Revelations, which is also immensely successful on a commercial level.

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  1. Adrienne Lew says:

    Well … good to hear that this is at least lyrical … though not a new sound or pleasant surprise in any way:

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