The Exogenesis of the Matrix According to Muse

And here are my guesses as to how things might actually turn out (in that order):

1. Space rock + pop rock

As with Dance of the Knights (from the HAARP DVD) and We Are the Universe (from The Resistance tour intro), it is not surprising that Muse might preempt the album with a pure instrumental piece, whether classical or space-like. I have a hunch that it would more likely be the latter.

2. Prog rock + electronic

3. Pop rock + tragic romance

Honestly, (2) and (3) look pretty much neck-and-neck to me, considering that they both entail the most essential elements that have made Muse as immensely attractive and popular as they are. However, the reason why I would go with (2) before (3) is twofold: (i) the neutrons implanted from the pre-Showbiz era in my brain somehow signal me to be biased towards Muse in their most original incarnation — that is, their prog rock self; (ii) a touch of electronic ad libs and transitions would seem to befit my predicted theme of human life in an alien-controlled matrix all the more.

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  1. Adrienne Lew says:

    Well … good to hear that this is at least lyrical … though not a new sound or pleasant surprise in any way:

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