The Exogenesis of the Matrix According to Muse

4. Rock (alternative / prog / pop) + classical

With the top-rated success of The Exogenesis Symphony, it would just seem unthinkable for the band to make an album without pushing their limits even further as far as blending classical music elements into their ever-forward eclectic rock style. How does an Intergalactic Piano Concerto sound to you, Matt?

5. Surprise factors

Then, of course, Muse is Muse. Also for the fact that they are a band that is innovative, not to say dares to be different — even though their “experimental” sound(s) may not always be what a die-hard fan like me would come to love upon first listen. Judging from tracks like Popcorn and Who Knows Who, it is entirely possible that the band might “wow” (whether good or bad) us yet again following the MJ-infused Supermassive Black Hole — perhaps with inspirations from video game music, or even hip hop/rap music.

Let’s wait till October 2012 (the tentative album release date according to NME Magazine) and see what Muse will showcase at their Muscle Museum.

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  1. Adrienne Lew says:

    Well … good to hear that this is at least lyrical … though not a new sound or pleasant surprise in any way:

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