Finding The Solution: Interview with The Solutions

The Solutions have been slowly making a name for themselves in Korea and the outlying Korean indie fan bases for a few years now. Last year they released their second full length album, Movements and are looking ahead to a release of new material next month. With this much creativity flowing out of their talented minds, I knew I had to get a chance to sit down with the newly updated quartet while we were all in Austin.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Geiger

Photo Credit: Kelsey Geiger

Hello, first of all, would you please introduce yourselves and what role you play in the band?
I’m Oh Kyung, on bass.

I’m Sol – vocals.

I’m Naru, guitarist.

And I’m Han Sol, I play drums.

You just wrapped up some recording time in Miami, can you tell us how that went and who you were working with?
Naru: With producer and mixing engineer Jimmy Douglas. We recorded our new song, and it was fun for us because it was the first time we were doing music overseas and it all was new to us. We experienced very good gear and working with really good guys. It was a good experience for us.

Is that something you’re going to be releasing soon?
Naru: Yeah, maybe summer.

Did you learn anything new from recording here in the States?
Naru: In Korea people tend to focus on some kind of details or maybe techniques, it was more comfortable.  Many guys here were focused on vibe. And playing against each other and talking about music so comfortably, so our work was done comfortably. Not focusing too much on gears.

Sol: Jimmy Douglas helped create a mood.

Naru: Mood, mood was more important.


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  1. June 9, 2015

    […] members in a music video after adding Oh-Kyung Kwon and Han-Sol Park to the band earlier this year.[1] Fans seem to be enjoying it just as much as I am, already calling it their “summer […]

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