The Solutions – Love You Dear

Korean electronic rock band, The Solutions have returned this week for the perfect summer kick-off song, Love You Dear.

Love You Dear
is straight off their latest EP, No Problem! and director Kyoung-Hwan Kim did a great job with the video. The video perfectly captures the light and positive vibe of not only the song, but the band as well. The Solutions are known for their buoyant beats and light-sided lyrics and the bright visuals and happy tone of the music video are an impeccable match. This is the first time the band is featuring all four members in a music video after adding Oh-Kyung Kwon and Han-Sol Park to the band earlier this year.[1] Fans seem to be enjoying it just as much as I am, already calling it their “summer jam.” Let’s hope it leads to an even steadier rise in popularity for the group.

The full EP was released on June 8th and is available on iTunes.


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