BiBi Zhou and the Five Directors She Should Collaborate With

I have a confession to make. I’ve never really liked any of the music videos in Bibi Zhou’s videography, but that may be beside the point. After all, her appeal transcends physical form, going beyond anything that might apply to any idol worldwide. While many an idol would rely on its cool factor of what they’re wearing, who they hang out with, what type of hip music they put out, or what slick dance number they will perform, Bibi’s core fanbase has always relied on one thing only: her voice.

Bibi surprised us with a complete image makeover with the release of, even catching YAM Magazine editor Amy by surprise [1]. It’s not for nothing, after all. Bibi had ditched her signature glasses and short hair for an image of long locks and dark sultry make-up.

Though Bibi has, by now, collaborated with directors such as Yingzhi Chen — a.k.a. COSMOS in music videos such as I Miss U Missing Me [MV], BOUNCE in WOW, and the visual Zhong Ping Huang [YouTube Playlist], who apparently did the photography for Bibi’s Time album and directed her music videos for These Words (这句话) and Single Mirror (單面鏡) — it always seems like there’s a mark missing.

Though we wouldn’t mind another collaboration with BOUNCE, who has come a long way since late 2007 and 2008 with music videos such as Stefanie Sun’s The Kingdom of Fools (愚人的國度) [MV], Hebe Tien’s My Love [MV] and Joey Yung’s One Flower and a Thousand Trees (花千樹) [MV].

Here are five music video directors that we would love to see Bibi collaborating with~

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  1. amy says:

    If we’re talking Faye Wong Grass Jelly Studio visuals, I hope Bibi gets them for a music video in the future.

    I also hadn’t seen those Bibi on white pictures before. Or at least, as big as they are.

  2. Camiele says:

    I hate to be the one that doesn’t know anything about BiBi Zhou; however, her current style suggests that she’d be a PERFECT model for Sigismondi. Her work is beyond stellar and Zhou just seems like an artist that could provide the kind of muse for Sigismondi’s mind.

  3. ghost says:

    @amy, you re-posted already.

    If Bibi reaches Faye Wong status, my commendations. The new diva of Asia?

    @Camiele, what you can do to know everything, or more, about BiBi is check Amy’s reviews on here. If you actually go deep into her blog, you’ll find even more comments.

    Sigismondi might be a little too rock for BiBi atm, Black Apple seemed to be the most rocking track on her latest album, and she just shifts from one genre to the other. If she works with Muller, she can pave her way to Sigismondi.

    • Camiele says:

      @ghost, Thanks for informing me :)

      As I said, I can only go by these pictures here, and her style (the superficial kind, I suppose) seem like just the aesthetic that Sigismondi goes for. But, you’re right, I need to look for into it. Thanks :)

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