BiBi Zhou and the Five Directors She Should Collaborate With

Hwang Soo Ah (황수아)

In terms of knowledge, we even know less of Korean director Hwang Soo Ah, who made her film debut in 2008 with Why Did You Come to my House (우리집에 왜왔니) [Trailer], but she has certainly made a splash in the Korean music scene with an array of really high quality music videos.

It seems that Hwang Soo Ah would be best suited for Bibi Zhou’s work as an idol, being responsible for countless idols’ makeovers and image adjustments. However, at the moment Hwang Soo Ah seems to be working solely for LOEN Entertainment since most of her high profile work is coming from there — with music videos for Brown Eyed Girls, who have collaborated with Hwang for an array of clips including Abracadabra [MV] and Sign, as well as the group’s latest singles for Sixth Sense [MV] and Cleansing Cream [MV].

A YinYueTai version is available.

Director Hwang was also in charge of Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn and Narsha’s solo music videos, GaIn’s Irreversible (돌이킬) [MV] and Narsha’s Bbi-Ri-Bop-A (삐리빠빠) [MV]. If those weren’t enough, the director also was in charge of Sunny Hill’s comeback music video, which resulted in wickedly artistic Midnight Circus [MV]… and  probably did her best on the group’s single for Pray (기도).

A YinYueTai version is available.

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  1. amy says:

    If we’re talking Faye Wong Grass Jelly Studio visuals, I hope Bibi gets them for a music video in the future.

    I also hadn’t seen those Bibi on white pictures before. Or at least, as big as they are.

  2. Camiele says:

    I hate to be the one that doesn’t know anything about BiBi Zhou; however, her current style suggests that she’d be a PERFECT model for Sigismondi. Her work is beyond stellar and Zhou just seems like an artist that could provide the kind of muse for Sigismondi’s mind.

  3. ghost says:

    @amy, you re-posted already.

    If Bibi reaches Faye Wong status, my commendations. The new diva of Asia?

    @Camiele, what you can do to know everything, or more, about BiBi is check Amy’s reviews on here. If you actually go deep into her blog, you’ll find even more comments.

    Sigismondi might be a little too rock for BiBi atm, Black Apple seemed to be the most rocking track on her latest album, and she just shifts from one genre to the other. If she works with Muller, she can pave her way to Sigismondi.

    • Camiele says:

      @ghost, Thanks for informing me :)

      As I said, I can only go by these pictures here, and her style (the superficial kind, I suppose) seem like just the aesthetic that Sigismondi goes for. But, you’re right, I need to look for into it. Thanks :)

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