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Penny Tai – Thief

Malaysian singer Penny Tai (戴佩妮) is back with a brand new single and music video titled Thief (賊, Zei), which is directed by Huang Zhongping.


Waa Wei – In an Uncertain World

Waa Wei has released her second music video titled In an Uncertain World (在不確定的世界裡), an extract off of her latest album titled You Lovely Bastard (還是要相信愛情啊混蛋們), directed by Huang Zhong Ping and featuring Cheer Chen.


Stefanie Sun – Kepler MV

Everyone’s favorite Taiwan-based Singaporean songtress Stefanie Sun is back after her much too long maternity leave with a beautiful new composition titled Kepler directed by Huang Zhong Ping.


Amy’s Blast from the Past: Xiang~ Jian, Jian, Dan, Dan, Ai~

Well, he has just uploaded a crisp and clear version of the non-plus ultra song~ Simple Love (簡單愛) — if you ever checked my Beginner’s Guide to Jay Chou list, you would know this is my cherry-popping Cpop song. Perfect for this Blast from the Past.


Yoga Lin – Romeo and Juliet Syndrome

Taiwanese musician, winner of the One Million Star Season 1 music contest, Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) has released the fourth single from his fourth album Fiction (大小說家), which was released on June 22nd.


Hebe Tien – To Hebe

In her debut, just titled To Hebe, S.H.E member Hebe writes a letter to herself about the complicated dealings of love and self-love.