BiBi Zhou and the Five Directors She Should Collaborate With

Yan Yan Mak (麥婉欣)

The Hong Kong director is also a good candidate for a future collaboration. Though she is known in the film world for her films Butterfly — a.k.a. Hudie (蝴蝶) [Trailer] — and her 2010 film Merry-Go-Round (東風破) [Trailer with English Subtitles], Yan Yan Mak has also directed countless music videos for friend Denise Ho, a.k.a. HOCC — who also happens to star in Merry-Go-Round.

HOCC and Yan Yan Mak’s videography together contain some music videos of a certain gender ambiguity, many a times delicately hinted, sometimes bordering on bluntly expressed. There’s the music videos for Forbidden Color (禁色) [MV], Nicole (妮歌) [MV] — dedicated to the late Anita Mui — and the song Red Robe (大紅袍).

A YinYueTai version is available.

The development of Yan Yan Mak’s visual and narration style, at least in terms of her HOCC videography, concluded with their collaboration together in Infatuation (癡情司) [MV] — in both its available versions.

A YinYueTai version is available.

Bibi has already done well with gender ambiguity when she tried to hit on herself in the Kuang Sheng directed music video for Canned Fish (鱼罐头) — disregarding whether or not the video is plagiarized. Moreover, it seems she’s intent on playing the ambiguity game with recent photoshoots for Elle China and Men’s Uno.

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  1. amy says:

    If we’re talking Faye Wong Grass Jelly Studio visuals, I hope Bibi gets them for a music video in the future.

    I also hadn’t seen those Bibi on white pictures before. Or at least, as big as they are.

  2. Camiele says:

    I hate to be the one that doesn’t know anything about BiBi Zhou; however, her current style suggests that she’d be a PERFECT model for Sigismondi. Her work is beyond stellar and Zhou just seems like an artist that could provide the kind of muse for Sigismondi’s mind.

  3. ghost says:

    @amy, you re-posted already.

    If Bibi reaches Faye Wong status, my commendations. The new diva of Asia?

    @Camiele, what you can do to know everything, or more, about BiBi is check Amy’s reviews on here. If you actually go deep into her blog, you’ll find even more comments.

    Sigismondi might be a little too rock for BiBi atm, Black Apple seemed to be the most rocking track on her latest album, and she just shifts from one genre to the other. If she works with Muller, she can pave her way to Sigismondi.

    • Camiele says:

      @ghost, Thanks for informing me :)

      As I said, I can only go by these pictures here, and her style (the superficial kind, I suppose) seem like just the aesthetic that Sigismondi goes for. But, you’re right, I need to look for into it. Thanks :)

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