Joey Yung – One Flower and a Thousand Trees / The Last Lover

The second single to Joey Yung’s latest album, Joey & Joey, follows the release of the upbeat 13th Hour (13點) [MV]. The song entitled One Flower and a Thousand Trees (花千樹) — literally translated as Flower Trees — talks about the unfairness of falling in love at first sight when there are so many possibilities out there that the one might not be “the one.”

The song was written by Wyman Wong (黃偉文) with music by Mattew Tisher and Andrew Ang. The beautiful lyrics are accompanied by an equally beautiful music video which shows Yung in perfect closeups and surrounded by flowers — a music video that looks like a perfume ad commercial directed by BOUNCE.

A YinYueTai upload is also available.

You can check out the lyrics of the song, as well as a discussion of the translation, over at

There’s also a small clip of an acoustic version with Joey playing the guitar.


A video of the Mandarin version of the song,  The Last Lover (最後情人), is also available.

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