When in Rome

Hello, duckies!

I have just returned from a five-day trip to Rome. I wasn’t expecting to be without internet for that long, but apparently, Italy has missed the Wi-fi memo. Finding Wi-fi in Rome was impossible and very expensive. I have never in my life appreciated Sweden’s fast and easy attainable internet as I have now.

View from St Peter's Basilica.

I have been to Rome before but not for as long as I was this time. Sadly, Rome isn’t one of my favorite cities in Europe, so I can’t say that I truly enjoyed the trip. It was more enjoyable to spend the time with my mother, although she kept wanting to go shopping…

But being in Rome was interesting in many ways. I found out some interesting new facts about languages and music that I will be sharing in a moment. I also was able to think about new content I want to share here on YAM. I won’t deny it, being away from YAM and not able to touch my laptop for five whole days was a bit of a blessing. I hadn’t realized how much I time I spent working and doing stuff, so it was actually nice to do nothing more than just to stroll around and sleep. Boy, did I sleep!

Anyway, now that I am back, it is business as usual. I have so much catching up to do it isn’t even funny. When I was finally able to access my mail after five days of absence, I had 350 mails awaiting me. It was truly a “fuck my life” moment.


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