Julyssa’s Jukebox – The Rome Edition

I spent five glorious days of not listening to anything Asian related. Going on a vacation with my mother proved to be an experience, but in more ways than just one. First, she made sure that our hotel didn’t have any Wi-fi to make sure I stayed away from my laptop as much as possible. Then she made sure that we walked so much that as soon as we got back to the hotel, I wouldn’t want to do anything but sleep. Well played, mother!

She was, however, kind enough to share with me some stories that I will use in some of my articles here on YAM. It was also extremely nice to use only Spanish for five days straight. When handling several languages, some of them start to lack as soon as you don’t use them enough. I am sure my Swedish is sucking a little right now, but I am happy that my English isn’t!

Well, this playlist is going to become a reminder of this trip as well as a way to launch me back to Latin music. Although I still have it with me wherever I go, I tend to listen to more Asian music. So it was not only nice to speak Spanish for almost a week, it was also nice to reconnect with my native music.

1. Roberto Carlos – Concavo y convexo

This is the music I grew up with. I may not always remember the name of said singer and his songs but I know every single one of them by heart. It was so emotional hearing this music again after so long and squealing about how epic it all is. Because Roberto Carlos and his music are extremely epic.

2. Gian Marco – Tu Fotografia

This is my mother’s favorite song because it reminds her of her father. Me and my mother are avid fans of Gianmarco and we are awaiting the day he will play in Sweden. Hey, Gianmoarco! Come to Sweden!

3. Eva Ayllón – Regresa / Mi Propiedad Privada

Somehow my mother and I found the best Peruvian restaurant in all of Rome and it was just by our hotel. It was a great evening of amazing food and Eva Ayllón blasting from their speakers. I adore and respect Eva Ayllón as the artist that she is. She may have some attitude issues but there’s no denying she’s a national treasure.

This woman will always blow my mind away. If anything, she is one of the few things that link me back to Peru.

4. The BeeGees – Love So Right

The BeeGees is the only English music my mother listens to. She has been a fan since she was 12 when she first heard this song. She told me this cute story of being in love for the first time and how she and her boyfriend used to dance and sing to this song. Without them understanding what the song said, they claimed it to be their song.

Just three months ago my mother found out what the lyrics mean and she is still laughing at the irony of it all. It was also extremely funny to hear her butcher the song in her nonexistent English. Yet she loves the BeeGees that much. It’s pretty cute.

5. Los Sultanes – Dale Maraca

So my mother introduced me to this Latin trend called “La Hora Loca” – an hour of non-stop dancing, crazy antics, theatrics and what not. My mum won’t stop talking about it. It is supposed to be that good, but I kind of doubt it. Anyway, this song got stuck in my head. Thanks, mom!

Before you ask, yes that is the official music video.

Well, I am off to sleep because I have loads to do and no time to do it!! Bye, duckies!


Music is all I do: I work in music, I write about music, I listen to music.

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