The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Here come my TV favs!


J.R.R. Tolkien considered cutting Aragorn and Arwen’s love story from The Lord of The Rings. First J.K. Rowling and now Tolkien too? Is nothing sacred now?! The reason? Poet W.H. Auden was a Faramir/Eowyn shipper and wanted Tolkien to highlight his chose couple instead of Aragorn/Arwen because he though their romance was “unnecessary and perfunctory”. Of course Tolkien thought his main ship “poignant” and hoped to cure Auden’s ship shaming ways. And his former publisher Jane Johnson agreed with him, saying it was “so poignant” and also “hearbreaking”. Man, there were shipping wars in the 50s!

Damn, The Cumberbitc– The Cumbercollective broke ticket record over final episode of Cabin Pressure! With 22,854 applications, it was the highest number of requests for a single recording of a radio comedy in BBC history! I will just wait for Christmas Eve with the rest of the mortals and cry a lot because it will be the end of an era~

Here’s the first look of Hannibal Season 2! Damn, sucks to be Will Graham!

Let’s talk about Cap’s costume in Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Mostly about they wanting to give us a visual cue about the difference between working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and being Captain America, or so director Joe Russo says~

We wanted to use his Super Soldier outfit from the comic books as a way to represent, thematically, his place in the world of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the difference between working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and being Captain America. That’s something that gets explored on a very concrete level in terms of what outfits are used in the film.

First clip of The Pirate Fairy when we can hear Tom Hiddleston’s voice appropiately as young James Hook~ Also, he mentions Earl Grey and laughs his “ehe” laugh. Good times!


Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans grace us with their marvelous beauty on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier cover of Total Film: regular and subscribers’ edition!


Marvel Big Boss Kevin Feige says that Black Widow’s role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron is bigger and they are thinking about a solo movie for her.

We start filming the next Avengers film at the end of March. [Black] Widow’s part in that is very big. We learn more about her past and learn more about where she came from and how she became in that film. The notion of exploring that even further in her own film would be great, and we have some development work with that.

Talking about The Avengers‘ sequel, Elizabeth Olsen talks about Scarlet Witch’s costume and girl is pleased it’s “for someone today”~ And yeah, Scarlet Witch’s comicbook costume wouldn’t look that great on Elizabeth Olsen.

My favourite piece is my secrecy cloak that prevents anyone from seeing what I’m wearing. There’s a hood, and a robe – it protects the image! I don’t think Joss ever would have hired me, honestly, if he wanted me to wear those outfits; I am not a professional athlete and nor am I a model.

She-Hulk has a new series and while I’m still getting used to the art, she’s still an awesome lady and definitely large and in charge! Comic-book writer Charles Soule the source of her awesome ways is her optimistic approach to life more than her abbility to kick ass.

She’s not grim or embittered about the fact that she’s not like everyone else. She celebrates it, and that makes a person strong whether they happen to be a 7-foot-tall gal who can bench-press a bus or not.

Hiddles had a nice insightful interview with TimeOut London, and they left the geekiest question for last, and it was about how true were those rumors about Star Wars?

That hasn’t happened yet. It’d be very flattering, of course. […] I imagine they’re looking for people who don’t have an association elsewhere. The audience need to believe in the character, rather than saying, “Oh look, Loki with a lightsaber!”’


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