In Latin America, The Dark Knight fears Brave?

On the other hand, what films did Brave have to avoid in Latin America to get its release date set for July 19, around the week where TDKR premieres worldwide?

Not only did Brave have to dogde Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and Prometheus, there was Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows (around the week when Brave premiered in the USA) and the fourth Ice Age film. To be honest, going against two established franchises is something Pixar could fear — Madagascar 3 won against the R-rated Prometheus at the box office worldwide.

What can we say about this?

In an ideal world, all countries should have equal distribution regarding all media entertainment, film and television. That way, it could make moviegoers around the world happier and prevent pirating. You would see less complaining about why x country gets it first and whatnot.

However, distribution isn’t easy and not cheap, depending on what kind of film is being produced. It happens in a way that tends to secure (or elevate) profits by not having big films clash against each other as well as considering the importance of certain days… or premiering it in hopes of securing award recognition. Programming release dates in any region is indeed serious business.

A film like The Dark Knight Rises can still make a killing even if it’s premiering two to three weeks after The Amazing Spider-Man premiered or if any other film went against it. Somehow, Warner Bros. seems afraid of TDKR being potentially embarrassed by going against Brave, a film that can draw (but not as much as TDKR would, given its worldwide condition and popularity as a established franchise) and avoided films that most likely avoided clashing against TDKR in the States and elsewhere.

While it’s sad to think in a “Batman fears Brave” mode, you know what makes my country really suck compared to the rest of Latin American countries? We’re the only ones complaining about the Latin American release date for TDKR on Twitter. To quote Raúl Noriega on Twitter:

“Twitter has the power to take down governments. How do they use it in Lima? To premiere Batman 6 says before. #LimaRises


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  1. laslo rojass says:

    yep, and about the Peruvian independence day, Jorge Licetti told me that holiday had little or nothing to do with the release of TDKR on that date.
    We could say it’s just luck that we have a holiday during that week. For all the other latin american countries it’s a regular week in the middle of the year.

    • Rodrigo says:

      @laslo rojass, I actually assumed TDKR was going to be released on July 19-20 in Peru until Monday when I saw this being talked about on Twitter. Didn’t had any idea it was a regional/continental thing until now. Agreed with you on the luck part.

      I’d still watch both TDKR and Brave on the big screen. I was aware of Brave premiering around July 19, so no big deal on that. I hope it gets shown in English with subtitles, but the chances of that happening are very low.

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