In Latin America, The Dark Knight fears Brave?

Batman fears Brave!

LOL. I kid you not, the unruly red-headed Merida is the reason why The Dark Knight Rises is premiering on July 26. Because Brave is scheduled for a July 19 release in Latin America. And both release dates were already established a year ago.

And if TDKR wanted to premiere ahead of Brave in order to secure overseas success just like it happened with The Avengers before its USA release date, the Caped Crusader would have to fend off against the worldwide releases of Ice Age: Continental Drift (which premiered on Peru a week ago) and The Amazing Spider-Man, which premieres here tomorrow.

Seriously, are Warner Bros. pussies? No offense to Brave, which I really look forward to seeing on the big screen, but TDKR is the kind of film that could fare well on its own regardless of which films are surrounding it. Brave has drawing power because it’s a Pixar film and a female character is headlining it, which makes it refreshing. But TDKR has to be one of the most anticipated films by all kinds of audiences worldwide. Hell, we at YAM Magazine have TDKR as the most anticipated film of 2012 (Brave is there too).

You would think that TDKR could go head-to-head to with Brave and still defeat it effortlessly. The Dark Knight Rises would have no problems at all in drawing cash. But when you think about it, Brave has the family-friendly audiences on its side. While TDKR also has that drawing power, do you think parents would take their kids to see TDKR? Brave is definitely a safer option for parents who want to take their kids to the theaters.


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  1. laslo rojass says:

    yep, and about the Peruvian independence day, Jorge Licetti told me that holiday had little or nothing to do with the release of TDKR on that date.
    We could say it’s just luck that we have a holiday during that week. For all the other latin american countries it’s a regular week in the middle of the year.

    • Rodrigo says:

      @laslo rojass, I actually assumed TDKR was going to be released on July 19-20 in Peru until Monday when I saw this being talked about on Twitter. Didn’t had any idea it was a regional/continental thing until now. Agreed with you on the luck part.

      I’d still watch both TDKR and Brave on the big screen. I was aware of Brave premiering around July 19, so no big deal on that. I hope it gets shown in English with subtitles, but the chances of that happening are very low.

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