Best Way to Get into Music Biz Without Picking Up an Instrument

Music is many things, but as a viable career option, it can be very challenging. Between national tours to playing in run-down establishments to just a few audience members, the life of a musician is often difficult. However, for those people who love music, there’s no need to worry about becoming the next rock superstar if you want a career in the music industry.

There is a huge industry out there with a connection to music, that means that you no longer have to pick up a guitar and learn to play Stairway to Heaven, or spend hours practicing on the drums. Instead, there are alternate options that you may not have considered, and depending on your key skills, you may find that you are best suited to one of these.


Deciding to become a DJ can open up a whole new area of music enjoyment with some incredible benefits. Not only do you get to explore radio presenting, you can also enjoy the thrill of live performances and see how an audience reacts to your chosen selection of tunes. From local community radio stations to weddings and anniversaries, the private DJ can explore much.

For those wishing to make a career out of their DJing skills, you can create a more professional look by making the most of the modern technology found in disco lights and special effects, with professional disco lights often creating an extra layer of theme and mood to your live performances.


You no longer need an expensive degree in journalism to become a music journalist [LOL, yours truly].

By setting up your own blog or finding a media outlet looking for content, you can explore your love of a variety of music genres easily in the digital age. By linking with established outlets such as radio stations, local magazines, and community newsletters, you may find that as your audience grows you are able to get press access to music events and even interview some of your favorite bands.

Use your peripheral skills as a photographer or sound editor to create interviews and a portfolio that you can show to the established music press, and you could be taking the first steps into a rewarding career.

Event Planner

You may have decided to become an agent for a local band or even a planner for events, but either way, you don’t need to be able to play an instrument to make this a viable career option. Event planners can make life easier for venues and for the live acts that perform there, and if you have a methodical, problem-solving attitude, then this might be the ideal role for you.

Being patient with the talent and creative with your idea generation could see you becoming a band manager, or even an event planner with a full diary. And with agents and managers taking a significant cut of the band’s profits, the more you represent, the more you profit.

Music is often considered the most emotional of creative outlets, and it’s easy to see why many people dream of becoming the next big rock star or pop singer. For those without a musical talent, there is still plenty of options available for you to explore your love of music, and make a career out of it too. All without touching a guitar string or picking up a drumstick.

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