Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

Over the weekend we had the chance to discover György Pálfi’s Final Cut: Ladies and Gentleman (Final Cut: Hölgyeim és Uraim), which is possibly the most ambitious supercut since the invention of the internet to date; an 85min. supercut that follows a hero and a heroine in their face-and-shape-shifting love story. Utilizing clips from as varied films as Nosferatu, Ninotchka, Singin’ in the Rain, RoboCop, Moulin Rouge, In the Mood for Love, Kill Bill, Taxidermia and Om Shanti Om, among many others; I never knew I needed a movie in which Brad Pitt tells Greta Garbo she didn’t have to call him anymore.

Showing clips as early as the famous the Lumiere Brothers’ Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat all the way to James Cameron’s Avatar; Final Cut is truly a journey for the film lover. It’s a must-watch if you go crazy every time a supercut goes viral.

Obviously, tagging everyone is impossible. ^o^’

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