The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: I am an immigrant

Greetings, fellow fangirls and fanboys! This column has a week with extra days because it’s the last regular column I will write in a while. I’ll be abroad for some months and I won’t have enough time to prepare the columns on a weekly basis.

Anyway, this week we had The Academy Awards! Also, Black Panther remains unchallenged and Marvel gets ready for Avengers: Infinity War with even more promos. Here’s how the week started:


Logan director James Mangold goes hard on PG rating and insists on not making films “for 12-year olds” so he can have “the freedom to make a more sophisticated movie”. Damn, man, why you gotta attack me like that. LOL.

I have a lot of misgivings about violence and PG ratings. A PG film might show hundreds of people dying, falling off buildings, getting mowed down by rapid fire guns, but you don’t feel the deaths because the ratings system dictates the amount of agony being played by the actor. In a weird way, that makes violence more palatable because when we excise the upsetting bits, we de-sensitize ourselves to death to the point where it’s almost like shooting ducks at a carnival.

Talking about movies for 12-year olds I enjoy. Well hello, Yondu! Fancy seeing you in Thor: Ragnarok. Yep, Michael Rooker appears in one “deleted scene” and it’s hilarious~


Black Panther remained on top of the US box office with a $400 million domestic total after just 10 days. The second fastest film to reach that level after Jurassic World.

Another one of Stephen King’s works heads to TV! It’s the turn of The Bone Church… a narrative poem. OK, that’s got to be interesting.

The story follows an adventurer putting together a team to venture deep into a distant jungle land on the hunt for the legendary, titular location. It being a King tale, they naturally discover a terrifying secret and only three of the 32 travelers make it out alive, and what happened is related by one of those survivors, holding court at a bar.


Here’s the first trailer for HBO’s Fahrenheit 451, where Michael B. Jordan wants to burn and Michael Shannon wants to be made equal by the fire.

I’ve been wondering since I finally saw the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, where exactly was this placed in the franchise. As in how old is Han Solo supposed to be. Now we know thanks to an announcement about the novelization… and Disney CEO Bob Eiger stating it would span the course of 6 years of Han Solo’s life, from ages 18 to 24. I mean, I was hoping for 5 years before the original Star Wars movie (where Han Solo was about 29) but if they are going to make Alden Ehrenreich look like and 18-year-old, I expect some make-up or CGI enhancements!


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