Amy’s Blast from the Past: Yay, Olympic Spirit!

The London 2012 Olympics are about to start in a couple of hours, and though there were MANY complaints [1] [2] about its modern dynamic logo — designed by the same people who did the Aol. re-brand [1], which also sparked pretty interesting web activity — plus the many complaints about the design of the stadium [1] [2], and then there was Muse’s Olympic song [1]. LOL

It’s like, people can’t get a break. xD But then… people are abuzz because Danny Boyle is involved in the opening ceremony, and things have been pretty hush hush — for the era of Twitter and communications — about it.

In any case, the Olympics make me think of the times I was a kid and watching the matches on the TV. Back in 1996, this was the staple song around here. Gloria Estefan’s Spanish version of Reach [MV] titled Puedes Llegar, which was sung with a whole bunch of people that includes a SUPER young version of Ricky Martin, Roberto Carlos, El Puma, Alejandro Fernandez, Jon Secada, Carlos Vives, Julio Iglesias, Patricia Sosa, and, of course, Placido Domingo, who, like, hangs out with the Olympic committee xD [1].

And though a lot of people complain about the music chosen to be Olympic themes, I really do think Beijing’s one was a nice one — not about sports, not about competition, but about human beings coming together for an event. People might think it’s a boring song, which, you know, would explain why we have such a conflicting nature.

Is Sarah Brightman on this year’s Olympic program?


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