Bad Guy

Otherwise known as Nappeun Namja, Bad Guy or Bad Man, tells the story of Shim Gun Wook (Nam-girl Kim), who is plotting the revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporation to whom Hong Tae Sung (Jae-wook Kim) is the heir.

To say that I was obsessed with this drama is an understatement. Here we are presented with the same plot we see in most dramas, rich family, poor boy, revenge, a girl seeking to come up on the social ladder, love, deception, tears. Loads of tears. This time around, though, the ones crying were the male leads and what is wrong with seeing a beautiful man cry?

In it, Shim Gun Wook, the man with many names but without an identity, seeks revenge from the Hong family after they had taken everything away from him.

This drama has it all, the hot leading men, the beautiful leading women, good clothes, fast cars, trips to other countries, passionate dialogue, amazing photography. Yes, it was perfect. Until the very end when they had to go with the typical plot twist you see in many dramas. I shall not spoil it, but I suggest you watch it if you want to see a telenovela… just a much more better done.

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

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