Mary Stayed Out All Night

Also known as: Marry Me, Mary!

Mary Stayed Out All Night had the potential to be one of the cutest dramas this winter, consisting of — according to me — three of the best Korean actors under the age of 30. I was setting my hopes high for it.

I mean, you have a girl choosing between Geun Suk Jang and Jae Wook Kim, and there is no hilarity involved? You have two of the hottest Korean actors of this year and you don’t have them wrestle for the girl? Covered in oil? Half-naked? Alas, that was not the only part in which this drama completely failed. It was a huge mess filled with some weird ahjussi, while not allowing Jae Wook Kim to show more of what he’s got.

The plot is your typical love triangle in which Wi Mae Ri (Geun Young Moon), a cheerful and pragmatic girl, wants to study at university but can’t because of money. Her dad is a failed businessman, so Maeri has grown used to being constantly broke and on the run to escape from debtors. One day, her dad is given the opportunity to be freed of said debtors by marrying Maeri to Byun Jung In (Kim). Maeri is having none of it because she believes you should marry out of love, yet she doesn’t question the fact that her dad is practically selling her… and she asks Kang Moo Kyul (Jang) to pose as her husband to fool her dad. Some kind of weird deal is made in which Maeri is given 100 days to decide if she wants to keep her fake but broke rocker husband or marry the rich dude.

I understand that this is a rom-com, so I get that it was supposed to be funny and cute. Sure, it had its cute moments (too few), but it wasn’t that funny. A drama can be funny and silly, but it needs to be logical or else it is just pathetic. If you don’t have the logic then it is a humor/parody show. I don’t see this being labeled as that. The story was slow, there were too many threads being thrown around. Nobody was asking Jung In’s dad why he so desperately wanted Maeri to become his daughter-in-law. It was so chaotic, it was so slow and it was so silly. It took 12 episodes (out of 16) to get the plot going and from then on, it was high-speed forward to try and get to the end. Some kind of end that was *groans and sighs* I better not even talk about it.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Just cus I have a huge bias towards the male leads and mad respect for the female one.

P.S.: Only good thing that came out of this drama — besides Jae Wook Kim in amazing pants that showed off his ass — was the OST. You can read the review here.


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  1. Julili says:

    aaaah u edited away all my *sighs*!

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  2. April 23, 2017

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