Sunny (Korea) Trailer

I saw this trailer and kind of squealed with excitement. Mostly because I am a sucker for “feel-good” movies but also because this feels like a movie showcasing the future stars of Korean cinema.

Sunny stars Eun-kyung Shim and Yoo Ho-jung as Nami, So-ra Kang and Hee-kyung Jin as Choon-hwa, Min-young Kim and Soo-hee Go as Jang-mi, Jin-joo Park and Jin-hee Hong as Jin-hee, Bora Nam and Yeon-kyung Lee as Geum-ok, Bomi Kim and Seon-Kyeong Kim as Bok-hee, and finally Hyo-rin Min as Suzy.

I have had my eyes on Eun-kyung Shim for the longest while now. She was part of the cast of Bad Guy and has been in several other dramas and movies. She is just 16 but already has a very impressive resume. Then we have Hyo-rin Min, quite the newcomer to the entertainment business, but she seems to be gathering up a storm. I for sure have seen her here and there. Right now she is starring in the currently airing KBS drama Romance Town (a.k.a. Maids).

I like how the cast is very mixed. Among the older ladies of the cast, almost all of them have very lengthy resumes, very established actresses all around. With the younger ladies some are almost newcomers, with Shim being the exception. Also casting has been well done — the older ladies do look like their younger counterparts. That right there gives this two thumbs up in my book.

The movie is directed by Hyeong-Cheol Kang, known for his previous movie Speedy Scandal, a family comedy starring Tae-Hyu Cha that became a box office hit in 2008.

The movie is out in cinemas in Korea right now.


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