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Walrus – Seoul Witch

The second single from Walrus “Seoul Witch” stars their lead singer JaeWook Kim and Hye-Jin Han. The video tells the tale of two lovers stranded in the desert and how they get frustrated and separate.


Walrus – To Be

Walrus, the band featuring Korean actor and model Jae-Wook Kim as the lead singer and guitarist, released their first video from their 3-track single.

Mary Stayed Out All Night 3

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Mary Stayed Out All Night had the potential to be one of the cutest dramas this winter, consisting of — according to me — three of the best Korean actors under the age of 30. I was setting my hopes high for it.


YAM – Issue 011

We’ve got our very first exclusive! I got a chance to chat with Grammy/Golden Globe/Academy Award winner/nominee Diane Warren. We are also covering a bit on the Lima Film Festival, which just wrapped up their 14th edition. Plus reviews for some of the very best of the blockbuster season in America… and a surprise review for Aftershocks.


Bad Guy

Bad Guy or Bad Man tells the story of Shim Gun Wook, who is plotting the revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporation to whom Hong Tae Sung is the heir.