Jongkook Kim – Eleventh Story

Release date: January 28, 2010
Label: Loen Entertainment


  1. 이 사람이다 (This Is the Person)
  2. 기다립니다 (Waiting)
  3. 못 잊어 (Can’t Forget)
  4. 잘해 주지 마요 (Don’t Be Good to Me)
  6. 내 마음이 사랑입니다 (My Heart Is Love)
  7. 잊을게 지울게 (I’ll Forget, I’ll Erase)
  8. 다 알면서 (I Know Everything) featuring Soya
  9. 구인 광고 (Classifieds) featuring Mighty Mouth
  10. 떠나가지마 (Don’t Leave Me)
  11. 행복병 (Happy Virus) featuring Mighty Mouth

One of Korea’s “ballad kings” comes back to the music stage with an album that is filled with just that. Well, it’s not just ballads, there is also something else for his fans in the album, but it is definitely not dance music.

Also known as “mosquito” voice, Kim JongKook does have a voice that needs some time to get used to. It is very soft and high, but it does make him and his music stand out.

The album, as a whole, is a very well produced piece. All the songs work well on their own and everything sounds okay to the ears.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  1. Jenna says:

    I luuuurrve this album. I fall asleep to it a lot. Such beauty. :)

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