Country Comfort

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for some good ole wholesome content. After Fuller House released its timely conclusion, hitting you with a brick and making you realize that time just goes by SO FAST; Netflix (surprisingly) had left a cheesy hole in my heart. And apparently, there’s nothing better than some Country Comfort.

Starring (S5) American Idol alumni, Katharine McPhee, playing Bailey, a woman who wants to make it in the country music business alongside her boyfriend (Boone, played by Eric Balfour) in their -still- up-and-coming band. When Boone decides that their band needs fresh blood to make it big, he replaces her with a brand new lead singer. Storming off from the bar they play at, Bailey ends up heartbroken at the Harmony Hills Ranch where Beau (Eddie Cibrian), a widower father of five kids, hires her to become their in-house nanny.

Wholesome family antics ensue, as we get to meet the Haywood kids— cocky ladies’ killer eldest brother Tuck (Ricardo Hurtado), slightly geeky and lanky Brody (Jamie Martin Mann), the youngest business savvy brother Dylan (Griffin McIntyre), snarky but smart cookie Cassidy (Shiloh Verrico) and adorable Chloe (Pyper Braun).

Like with the Tanners, the series premise revolves around the children having to deal and overcome missing their deceased mothers, learn to live life, and eventually grow. For instance, on Ep.01 Crazy [1][2] -episodes titled with different songs- when Cassidy storms (no pun intended) out into a storm, and we discovered she hasn’t been able to stand her family singing songs together since the passing of her mom. She also hasn’t been able to step into a church (Ep.03 Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign [1]); and the whole family has to deal with Beau’s new relationship with Summer (Janet Varney), who -surprisingly- is very likable while trying extremely hard to be embraced by her boyfriend’s children, especially that smartass Cassidy (in Ep.06 Summer Lovin’ [1], they walked right into it).

However, let’s be honest— we were just all suckers for that special cameo by LeAnn Rimes on Ep.05 Blue [1], and we all sang along to Can’t Fight the Moonlight [1]. No? Was it just me? Clocking at a little bit over 20min. per episode, the rest of the ten episodes fly by in a breeze, giving you one or two more surprises down the line.

Oh, baby, you’re The Right Kind of Wrong [1]~

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

All trivia and song data seems to be available on Fandom Wiki.


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