Stefne Miller – Salvaged

Author: Stefne Miller
Genre: Young Adult/Romance

I never read a Young Adult book with the purpose of keeping God’s love in your heart through tough times. I’m most accustomed to the supernatural. It’s a relief to read something that isn’t going to have monsters grab you in the dark.

Salvaged begins with Atticus Reed, a.k.a. Attie, on her way to her summer home with the Bennett family. She’s plagued by nightmares of the accident that took her mother’s and best friend’s lives along with heavy guilt about being the only survivor. By her side is her adoring grandfather, reassuring her that this summer will be different. It will be the summer she is surrounded by people who love her and thank God everyday that she is alive.

Challenges meet her as her feelings for her best friend’s brother Riley grow. Although the Bennetts are like a second family to Attie, she struggles to accept that her life has been spared and she is here with a purpose. With nightmares like bad friendships, her dreams are of the last moments of the accident. Each night Riley is by her side to the point that he sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag next to her.

This summer is filled with meeting new friends, overcoming loss and surviving glares from the beautiful Tiffany Franks.

Written with hilarious dialogue, the story revolves around the role of accepting that God does have a plan and that we should stay quiet long enough to listen. Salvaged brings a young girl closer to her nightmares in order to solve them and move on. It’s a hard thing to do when you are a teenager dealing with the recent deaths of two very special people. Attie begins to understand her feelings for Riley, which brings her a step closer to understanding her nightmares and leaving them in the past.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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