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It’s been sort of dumped for a September date, so it seems like it’s going to be a lukewarm reception for Thanks for Sharing, the directorial debut for Stuart Blumberg, who helped write The Kids Are Alright, and has written films like The Girl Next Door… and if you’re into it, Keeping the Faith.

Thanks for Sharing follows Adam (Mark Ruffalo), a recovering sex addict, who meets Phoebe (Paltrow) and tries to start a relationship with her. Along for the ride, his recovering sex addict friend Neil (Josh Gad), recovering sex addict friend Dede (Pink), and recovering sex addict sponsor Mike (Tim Robbins).

The cast is rounded up with Joely Richardson and another sporadic appearance by Patrick Fugit. Remember him?

It seems like Pink and Josh Gad could still some of the movie.

Thanks for Sharing made its debut at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, and it’s set to open in the UK and the US in mid-September.

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