Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Journey to the Shore Trailers

The Japanese trailer for Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Journey to the Shore (岸辺の旅, Kishibe no Tabi) is out ahead of its Japanese release in October 1st.

The film stars Eri Fukatsu as a grief-stricken wife who’s lost her husband (Tadanobu Asano) at sea. Three years after the fact, he shows up in her kitchen as a wandering soul, and both of them set out on a journey to visit old acquaintances marked by mourning.

Journey to the Shore is based on the novel by Kazumi Yumoto, and it also stars Yu Aoi, Akira Emoto and Masao Komatsu.

Some a trailer with subtitles was released ahead of the film’s premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

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  1. Hoping this is good. Kiyoshi Kurosawa can be hit-or-miss but I follow his work because of their general atmosphere and staging/compositions. Tadanobu Asano was here for a Japanese film festival but I had work… Didn’t know Yu Aoi was in this!

    • amy says:

      The press didn’t like it too much (usually Western press doesn’t like the sentimentalism of Japanese flicks), much like Yoji Yamada’s Otouto. But I heard many of the bloggers liked it, and the film/Kurosawa was strongly voiced to win an award xD

      Then again… guessing Cannes is futile. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone predicting it in my years following.

      I didn’t know about Aoi Yu, either! It was sorta just put out there after the film was done… like most Japanese films xD It doesn’t surprise, since Shokuzai happened. She’s also working with Yamada once again. And Eri Fukatsu!!!

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