Drishyam (2015) Trailer with English Subtitles

I wasn’t a very big enthusiast of the 2013 Malayalam hit Drishyam (ദൃശ്യം) starring Mohanlal (who visited Machu Picchu last year!), which has already spawned remakes in Kannada, Telugu… and is now prepping for ones in Tamil (starring superstar Kamal Hasaan), and this Hindi remake strangely titled the same.

Now, no flaming. And no telling me I should go watch Salman Khan masala films. LOL I liked Drishyam alright, the ending was great, but it was long and kind of slow until the intermission finally kicks in. If the hindi version manages to keep this at 2hrs. (or under) of running time, they might have something.

And I sure do have a Tabu bias~ when the camera slows down, the sound goes quiet and she enters the scene in the middle of the trailer saying “mera beta kahaan hai?” (oooh, my hindi’s gotten better xD). Goosebumps.

For those oblivious on what the film is about- a family man (Ajay Devgn) sets out to “commit” the perfect crime to protect his family against the police force looking for the son of a cop (Tabu).

Drishyam (दृश्यम्) is set to open on July 31st 2015, two full weeks after the tamil release of Papanasam (பாபநாசம்) [Trailer with English subtitles]

— JUNE 5th, 2015 EDIT —

Viacom18 has just uploaded the trailer with English subtitles.


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  1. June 5, 2015

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  2. August 7, 2015

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