The Lonely Island – Spring Break Anthem

A month ago, The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorna Taccone) took a supporting stance on the LGBT movement in their own peculiar way through the music video for Spring Break Anthem, which has now been re-released on Youtube without the interview prelude involving Zach Galifianakis and James Franco, who also appear in the video along with Edward Norton.

Personally, I think this video’s interesting considering it showcases the things straight guys would enjoy — booze, girls and partying — in such an aggresive pace in contrast to a more tasteful view of gay marriage as we also see the band members getting married to Franco, Galifianakis and Norton. The lyrics talk about the typical stuff you would expect from the parties, but also put the message “marry a man” throughout the song. You can argue that The Lonely Island arrived late to the Spring Break and pro-LGBT movements, but this video definitely works as a big “fuck you” to the machismo depicted around Spring Break.

To sum it best with altering an quote from James Franco’s Alien (Spring Breakers): “Bikinis and gay marriage, y’all! That’s what life is about.”

Spring Break Anthem is the first single from their upcoming third album, The Wack Album, set to be released this Friday.

Part of YAM Magazine’s 2013 LGBT Blogathon.


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