Studio Killers – Eros and Apollo

After much anticipation from their fans, the mysterious trio behind the Studio Killers have released a new video; Eros and Apollo. While no one really knows who the band members are, aside from their animated alter-egos, they’ve captured the minds and hearts of their audience (as well as their ears.)

Cherry, Dyna Mink, and Goldie Foxx have unleashed another visually stunning creation upon the masses with Eros and Apollo, following their immensely popular video for Ode to the Bouncer.  The group is thought to be spread around the globe, uniting, however, to create their visual and musical feasts. For me, it doesn’t matter where they’re from or who they are, as long as they keep up this high quality of creativity.

While no official album has yet been released by the Studio Killers, you can check out their SoundCloud page for mixes, demos, and remixes of their current releases.


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