Sodagreen – Violently Sad and Beautiful

Now, that’s more like it.

I actually don’t know how I miss this upload, but I can probably directly blame YouTube subscription updates. Anyway, Violently Sad and Beautiful (痛快的哀艷) is more in line with what I like from Sodagreen~

My favorite heart-tearing Taiwanese band is back with a new album titled Winter Endless(冬未了), completing their seasons album series that started back in 2009 with Daylight of Spring (春·日光) and Summer/Fever (夏/狂熱).

Sodagreen – Everyone [MV]

The song was written and composed by Qing himself, and he’s top level with orchestration by Yu Chi Kung (龔鈺祺, he’s the one in the piano), and with the assistance of German conductor Bernd Ruf in charge of the German Pops Orchestra.

Once again directed by Robert Bröllochs and Po En Lee (李伯恩).

I’m officially psyched for the new album.

— October 16th 2015 —

Just uploaded the Sad and Beautiful version (哀艷版) of the video~


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