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I’m a little disappointed that Sodagreen is back since their 2013 release of Autumn: Stories (秋:故事), and their first single is a song in English I’m not feeling. The positiveness is there with Qing’s vocals (and hair) and the grandness of the musical arrangement… but the lyrics are killing me.

So- my favorite heart-tearing Taiwanese band is back with a new album titled Winter Endless (冬未了), completing their seasons album series that started back in 2009 with Daylight of Spring (春·日光) and Summer/Fever (夏/狂熱).

The song was written and composed by Sodagreen drummer Shih Jyun-Wei (史俊威), nicknamed Xiao Wei (小威) -because that’s totally NOT Serena Williams- and the video was shot in Berlin where the guys were back in August [1] with directors Li Bo-En (李伯恩) and Robert Bröllochs.

There’s still no fixed date for the release of the album, but you can keep track with iTunes… though their library is not consistent through regions.


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  1. October 11, 2015

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