SNSD – Bad Girl

I keep forgetting that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. As of late they seem to be crushed. First it was Super Junior (both the album and the MV to the title track), and now this. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great song (until I read the lyrics), so when I saw the teaser I was really stoked. Hell yeah SNSD on bikes! Because we all know that real bad girls hang in bike gangs….

In all fairness, I shouldn’t complain. It is, after all, your typical SNSD music video: them dancing to a background and then close-ups of their pretty/fierce faces. But for once I was all: give me a plot! Put a hot dude in there and let SNSD chase him with their bikes. Yay for bad girls!

Yet I just found out that the song didn’t speak about bad girls chasing boys, nor hitting them a little for that matter. So I guess the MV suits the song. Yet I am disappointed. It’s plain, the editing is choppy and what’s up with the choreography? Do not let me get started on the choreography.

I’m a sad fangirl right now.


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  1. amy says:

    LOL! That choreography is hilarious. xD But you do realize it’s a Japanese song, right? The Japanese audience loves this type of non-complicated dance.

    I think it’s pretty unbelievable that I don’t really need to translate the lyrics for this for me to understand the song — speaks of the level of Japanese used for the lyrics… because I don’t think my Japanese has gotten any good. xD

    Having said that… I do think SNSD are hot – I dunno why they haven’t done the American jump other than being afraid of being called on the sexism. Yes, I’m talking to you Oppa song.

  2. believer says:

    ‘But you do realize it’s a Japanese song, right? The Japanese audience loves this type of non-complicated dance.’

    that’s odd you say this considering most of their dances now have a simple ‘point’ to them (korean) rather than trying to be complicated, so what you say doesn’t apply to japan only– it applies to every mainstream audience who can follow a simple dance and catch on quickly.

    • amy says:

      @believer, I’m just comparing this to the choreography that tends to populate Jpop MVs of really huge popular groups like Arashi. Not even comparing this to the ability of the people as dancers, just the choreography in general…

      Just putting sync dancing side to side, a lot of Kpop dancing in general tended to be a lot about the precision – maybe not to the millimeter, but really precise – but of course they had “easy to catch dances” like in Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra, with the swinging of the hips which caught on like a disease, but that goes for a group that wasn’t considered as a dance tune group…

      Of course simple dance steps are in the mainstream, but I’m talking about Japan here because it is a Japanese song targeted at the Japanese market, so talk about any other market other than Korea (since it’s a Korean group) seems off topic.

      I have a question, though – you seem to like Jpop (my assumption). Wondering what you like about it. I have tried several times to get into it… but was never able to.

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