TVXQ! – The Secret Code

Release date: March 25, 2009
Label: Rhythm Zone


  1. Secret Game
  2. FORCE
  3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
  4. Nobody Knows
  5. Beautiful you
  6. 忘れないで
  7. 9095
  8. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
  9. TAXI
  10. Stand Up!
  11. Survivor
  12. Kiss the Baby Sky
  13. Bolero

After the huge success of Mirotic, DBSK is back with their Japanese comeback. Just a year after T, they try to keep the new style they acquired for their Korean release, but the attempt falls short. The songs produced for the album do live up to the feel of the “secret” theme, it is when you listen to the singles they have released during the time after T that you lose the red thread. The singles are not bad, they just don’t suit the rest of the other songs.

As always the vocals are perfect and the songs are like honey for your ears. The theme is appropriate with a more sexy and mystic sound with complex and symbolic lyrics. I really appreciate the songs written by the members themselves.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


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2 Responses

  1. @MelisSu9095 says:

    T is a very difficult album to follow — it's jam packed with awesome songs!

    I did ask myself what happened with the Secret Code album in terms of compilation. This just provides for the fact that Japan has a single-oriented music industry, not an album one.

    Let's talk about the tracks!

    どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? is of course everyone's favorite. Mine too, apparently. It's my #1 most played song on my iTunes.

    I happen to really love Taxi and Bolero….Bolero is perhaps the biggest hidden gem among TVXQ's songs. And let's not fail to mention that it's the love child of composer Daisuke Suzuki (T's Love in the Ice) and lyricist Shinjiroh Inoue (Taxi, With All My Heart, Toki wo Tomete, Kimi ga Ireba, Stand By U). Kay, I'm done promoting that song and those musicians~

    I'd also say this is a landmark album for Jaejoong. 忘れないで is beautiful, and 9095 and the hidden track 9096 have, like you said, complex and symbolic lyrics. The arrangement gets under my skin, too.

    Kiss the Baby Sky…it just has Yoochun written all over it. And who can dislike Yoochun? ^^

    • Julili says:

      I for one abhor Japanese singles cus they come out with too many over a year and as a delusional fangirl you want to buy them all…. I am not one to buy them, I prefer whole albums.
      It would have been better to put the singles they released after T on another album and do The Secret Code as an own thing.
      I did love the red line of the "secret" but yes, the singles kind of messed it up.

      Yes let's discuss tracks!

      Doushitte…. jesus chris on a cracker, when it dropped during the summer of 08 I know that every Cassie was having their panties in a twist. It was such a 180 from their previous summer tracks but yes it is so painfully beautiful. I love that you name the Daisuke-san and Shinjiroh-san. Love in the ice…. I don't think that I can even begin to talk about how perfect that song is. I can hardly listen to it cus it makes me cry like a little girl. Stand By You is by far one of the best, ofc in the same league as Bolero. Those lyrics…. it makes me want to learn Japanese well enough to be able to write those kinds of songs.
      どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?is the second most played track in my iTunes, Mirotic is first! Hahah

      I got to experience Bolero live and let me tell you…. *tries not to get too emotional* that song is powerful live, especially if Junsu and Jaejoong give their all….

      I must say that the tracks written by Jaejoong are so good. Man I love 9095… so damn sexy!

      In this album Taxi and 忘れないで are my absolute favorites. The slow songs, the pretty lyrics… TVXQ is best when it comes to them ballads!

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