RHODES & Birdy – Let It All Go

Prepping for his debut album titled Wishes, British singer songwriter RHODES has released the latest single, Let It All Go, a collaboration with Birdy directed by Sing J. Lee.

A crisper upload of the video is available on Sing J. Lee’s Vimeo, where they provide a Word Is Cheap interview about the Making Of the video:

WIC: It seems like the locations were meticulously picked and are themselves quite remote, was this a difficult shoot in that respect?
SJL: The locations needed to have a huge varying shade of green to create that impact once we turned it pink. The location we chose had an amazing estate, the symmetry on those ground felt like a beautiful contrast to the wilderness as they walked away from each other.

You can follow RHODES’ Soundcloud for more music.

Wishes will be available on iTunes September 18th.

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