Girls’ Generation – Lion Heart/You Think

The true queens of Kpop, Girl’s Generation, are back with a fifth studio album. To promote the album, they have released two music videos of very different style and sounds.

Lion Heart

Lion Heart is a track that is retro from sound to style. Personally, I love all the fashion in the music video and that is pretty much it. As a song it is pretty decent but extremely basic. Like their previous single, Party, this is a safe track that is a little boring. Girl’s Generation has and can do better wich the next song is a proof of.

You Think

Bondage inspired fashion? Check. Black leather and metal? Check. Fierce eye makeup? Check. You Think is a strong track that showcases what Girls’ Generation should be all about: more mature sound and style, more female empowerment. Lion Heart is too close to the sweet and cute style Girls’ Generation got famous from, but a style that they need to move away from. But that is my opinion.

As far as comebacks go, if You Think would’ve been used as the main single together with Check as the second then this would’ve been one heck of a comeback. But regardless, I am happy Girls’ Generation are back!


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