Café Tacvba – FUTURO

Café Tacvba’s latest single welcomes 2017 with Futuro, which follows the release of Un Par de Lugar [MV] in October last year.

In this trippy music video, directed by Refugio Films’ Diego Tucci [Official Website] and Café Tacvba’s Rubén Albarrán; the band plays the song dressed in garbage bags, serious priests, colorful hair outfits or like Albarrán— dressed as a Santa Muerte or La Catrina-like skeleton; accompanied by an array of figures like a schoolgirl Donald Trump, a midget Peña Nieto, a partying Queen Elizabeth, a gender-fluid Pope Francis, DEA or patrol border officers, IS terrorists, pop stars and indigenous outfits.

No one is safe because “El futuro es hoy.

The song plays great at a x1.25 speed.

Café Tacvba hasn’t released a full length album since El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco in 2012.

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