Aleks Syntek – Métodos de Placer Instantáneo

Release date: November 24, 2009
Label: Capitol Records


  1. Ese Mal Gusto (A Capella)
  2. Sin Motor
  3. Más De 1000 Años
  4. Desvanecer
  5. Mujer Animal (Dueto Con Rubén Blades)
  6. La Ruta del Destino
  7. Estoy Perdido
  8. Loca
  9. Ángel De Luz
  10. Amalia
  11. Aquí Estoy Yo

Syntek is the quintessential geeky hipster that seems to be so in right now, but he’s been basically that forever, so he’s definitely not cashing in on that image. He’s always created fusions of Latin Synth Pop with catchy sing-along riffs and choruses. His voice and visuals are unique, and it immediately links to anything remotely similar to him.

In Metodos [Methods of Instant Pleasure], Syntek delivers more of his catchy tunes and his ever present Latin-ness. Though different than the stuff on the market, it still hardly surprises us. It sounds just like much of what Syntek has done in the past.

Highlights: Ese Mal Gusto

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

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  1. moncha says:

    woooo i´m here cause i saw a review about k-music and I found a review about this guy from my country….. You rocks!! hahaha

    • amy says:

      @moncha, :)

      We try to review everything. Browse the site, see if there’s anything else you like or don’t xD

      • JR says:

        @amy, Hi Amy, can you email me your contact information? would like to speak to you about some music releases.

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