AMIT – Rift

A-Mei’s alter-ego A-Mit — the one who swept and took the 2010 Golden Melody Awards by storm with her 2009 album AMIT (阿密特) — is back with a tease… a new song and news about her upcoming new album.

Titled Rift (裂痕) and directed by Bounce — who  previously directed most of the songs on AMIT like Divided Life (分生) [MV], Lost It (掉了) [MV], +18 video for After the Animal Sentimental Love (相愛後動物感傷) [MV], as well as Black Eat Black (黑吃黑) [MV] (also with a +18 version) and Come, If You Dare (好膽你就來) [MV]. The latter two are much more similar in style and energy to this latest single, which apparently reunited A-Mit with her AMIT collaborators, managing to come up with this song in three hours, baffling all the people at the studio.

The bad news, you guys, is that with this new release, they have informed us that the new A-Mit album, instead of being released late this year, has been postponed for next year. No further news on it, unless someone else can bring me extra info.

Let’s hope the world doesn’t end before we get to hear some more A-Mit!


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  1. Jenna says:

    YES. I think I just had an eargasm! I fracking LOVE her A-Mit alter ego stuff. It’s what pushed her to the top of my Mandarin artist list. I’m bummed that the album is pushed back, but I’d rather have a quality album than one that’s rushed. Speaking of rushed…she cranked that out in 3 hours??! Woman needs to do more of this style obviously since it seems to just flow out of her!

    Great job btw Amy, getting this out so quick! :D

    • amy says:

      @Jenna, I have mad ninja…. er Mandarin skills. haha. No, seriously. I just saw this because I follow Bounce and he was first to post. xD I didn’t even know A-Mei had an official FB page.

  1. March 26, 2015

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  2. March 26, 2015

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