The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Always look on the bright side of life

Greetings, my geeks! This week has been plentiful, with superhero movies info, new video games, lots of Cumberbatch and, of course, the Olympics closing ceremony with the Spice Girls and my fav Monthy Python song!


It was a day dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch and his new series Parade’s End.

First was an article in The Independent, where Benny talks, among other things, about his character Christopher Tietjens’s personality and physique:

I’m this willowy man worn to the bone by doing Frankenstein (at the National Theatre). And then with Sherlock, having to be whippet-thin again and eating rice cakes, and running and swimming a lot. I had to put on this fat suit and plumpers in my face [for Parade’s End]. I wish we’d gone further with it, but they stopped me going the whole hog because they wanted a pin-up. He’s got to be seen as sexually attractive or why would someone as beautiful as Valentine fall for him?

Did Benny just call himself sexually attractive? Kinda? Anyway, at the end the article, the author casually mentions he plays Khan in the Star Trek sequel… this uncertainty is still making me nervous. Oh well, here’s the whole thing scanned too.

Our Posh Alien Prince will also get another chance to tell us how smitten he is by Mr. Tietjen, this time courtesy of The Telegraph:

I am enamoured of his principles, his virtue and the goodness he stands for. I love him. I really do think that Christopher Tietjens is the character I’m most fond of ever having played.

He will also tell us his life, work, and personal stuff including, once again, how much he longs for a family but he wants “the right person”. This was also scanned.

BTW, here’s Parade’s End trailer:

This series is going to break my heart, I know it already.

The only other relevant news, for me, was Rose Tyler winning as the greatest woman of Doctor Who, at least to the users of BBC America’s website. I disagree, as much as I like Rose Tyler, Donna Noble is my woman.


So, Ian Derry is an awesome photographer whom I love because he takes pictues of people I stan for, and has a tumblr account, besides his Twitter and website. This nice chap was then quite surprised and happy when he posted a picture of Tom Hiddleston and his phone went crazy with all the notifications of eager Hiddlestoners. So happy that he had to repost his comment because he misspelled Hiddles’ last name:

Spellcheck !!! Should have said ,Wow , you #tom hiddleston fans really love him . My phone gone crazy . There is a beautiful new portrait coming too !

He delivered too! And thanked the fans for all the nice things they said about the pictures. Aww~

And then, the Olympics Closing Ceremony gave me so many feels! Especially because of the Spice Girls! I even got to watch the mayor of London dancing to them. Just wished their part would have been longer~

My second most favorite thing of it all was unsurpringingly geeky: Eric Idle from Monty Python singing Always look on the Bright Side of Life, from Life of Brian. LOL, how cute was Prince Harry singing along?

From the media, I got a bunch of awesome pictures and a recount.


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  1. Camiele says:

    Okay, firstly. Your list of ladies for the Female Expendables is so much YES!!!! But ANY list requiring an all-female cast must, must, MUST include Helen Mirren… that is all.

    And Spice Girls reunion part 2?! YES FUCKIN PLEASE!!!! I got cheated out of seeing the first go-round. Not a thing in all the cosmos would stop me from seeing round 2!

    • amy says:

      @Camiele, hahaha. I thought the rumor before the Olympics that Spice Girls would get together for that one time had Posh making all the Spices promise that it will be the last time xD

      • mirella says:

        @amy, There are also rumours that said that the reason Posh actually was at the Closing Ceremony was because they showcased her fashion label at that fashion bit with David Bowie music~

        • Camiele says:

          @mirella, Are you serious… HaHa!!!! Oh my gawd, Posh. I’d say get over yourself, but there’s very little point when you’re as epic as anything having to do with the Spice Girls. So… you know… But I AM gonna need her to suck it up and be on stage again. I mean, let’s be real, once a Spice Girl, ALWAYS a Spice Girl. That’s not something you just STOP being just because you’re married… HaHa.

        • amy says:

          @mirella & Camiele, I suspect Posh is the Timberlake of the Spice xD like JT, Posh is ashamed of her past and would prefer you’d forget about it.

          Having said that… OMG, Sporty Spice. xD Mel C is so much fun.

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