The Avengers – Super Bowl Trailer

I admit that while The Avengers [1] is the thing I look forward most this year (sorry The Dark Knight Rises [2], The Hobbit or The Amazing Spider-Man [3], I love you guys too!), their press machine has been a bit underwhelming.

Sure it has lots of variety (3D glasses, keychains, popcorn packaging, soda packaging with toppers included), but it seems like they only have the one overly photoshopped photoshoot and they use those images over and over again. So yes, their merchandising looks very uniform, but it ends up looking a bit boring. And that’s without counting the different versions of the first trailer there are. Sure, I am still hyped for all of it, but I wanted new stuff.

And boy, did they deliver.

The new trailer for The Avengers was one of the few reasons my fellow geek friends cared about the Super Bowl and tuned in to a sports channel to see it all live.

This trailer has almost entirely new footage with each and every superhero looking badass, and the bad guys look menacing — yet we still don’t know where Loki (Hiddleston) got those minions, or even what they are. We also manage to see that epic exchange between Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) and Loki that was mentioned all over the internet but nobody has seen (unless you went to NY Comic Con), which apparently ends up with Loki throwing Stark off the building if we follow the other trailer. Other awesome images include all of the team standing in a circle preparing to kick some alien god ass, and Hulk (Ruffalo) in action tearing down flying machines mid-air.

Yes, fans were pleased and it was all they could talk about in Facebook, Twitter and especially Tumblr. Just a few minutes after it was seen live, it went online. In less than an hour it was all in GIFs, and before the next day, there were the first fanarts.

Avengers fever is strong.

But we still need a new photoshoot please.


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2 Responses

  1. Rodrigo says:

    This new trailer is a lot better than the first trailer as well as the other advertising done for the film.

    On the other hand, I don’t feel so pumped to see TDKR and Hobbit. In Hobbit’s case, Game of Thrones has won me over the LOTR franchise.

    • Mirella says:

      @Rodrigo, as soons as I watched THE HOBBIT’s trailer all my LoTR films came back as quick as a snap of the fingers. Also that Misty Mountain song… all my feels!
      Finally the fact that Martin Freeman is there (and we are promised Benedict Cumberbatch (even if just the voice)) for part II, makes my recently Sherlocked heart tingle too :P