Ramen “On The Fly” – Kagetsu Arashi

Fed up with on-flight meals that look pseudo-Japanese even to someone who isn’t from Nippon (e.g., sashimi salad with smoked (?!) salmon plus a Japanese-style dressing (or is it?))?

Wait. Are you somehow getting by the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan?

If so, you are in luck — thanks to Kagetsu Arashi Ramen.

As much as this ramen place at the Narita Airport is just another outlet of Japan’s second largest ramen fast food chain, the ramen they sell there is by no means just another bowl of ramen you’d get on the busy streets of Shinjuku, for example. Here’s a video that speaks for itself:

For the price you are paying, this is a pretty awesome deal indeed: whether it’s shrimp tempura, chicken curry or miso ramen that you order, you can rest assured that you’ll get some change back for your 1,000 yen bill. Not bad at all — especially considering that you’re eating at the airport, where Kagetsu Arashi is like the monopoly for authentic-style ramen.

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  1. amy says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chicken CURRY. xD You know, I tried making udon beef curry, but it didn’t turn out that well. xD I think it needed more broth because the noodles made it too dried.

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