Ramen “On The Fly” – Kagetsu Arashi

Now, the ramen, soup base, and ingredients. In terms of the size, I am quite confident that one full bowl would be able to fill the empty stomach of even a grown, middle-built male — or if the ramen and ingredients alone can’t do the trick, the soup will, definitely.

The ramen — though I have no idea whether it was hand-pulled or not — had just the right “elastic” feel to it and wouldn’t get “soaking soft” at all even by the time I had almost finished the whole bowl. The soup base was reasonably well-made as well: those of you who prefer stronger flavors may give the Sapporo or even the “Dan-dan” style (adapted from the Sichuan style, presumably) a try; those who favor a milder taste might find the Tokyo style exactly your thing.

As for the ingredients, while you can’t really expect something of the quality of organic range free chicken for the deep-fried chicken that you have in the ramen bowl, the chicken that I had was still quite crispy on the outside while reasonably juicy inside. I especially loved that the egg was semi hard-boiled — meaning that the egg white was well-done while the yolk was half-done. This somehow added on to the variety of textual sensation amid the whole ramen experience.

One last thing: you don’t really have to visit Japan or at least make a layover at the Narita Airport in order to get a taste of Kagetsu Arashi Ramen. A trip to Taiwan will also do, as the ramen chain has landed there since 2008:

As illustrated in the following episode of Mr. Ajikko (3:24 – 4:54), to be able to satisfy one’s appetite with a boiling hot bowl of ramen so full of spice, flavor and texture simply is an out-of-this world experience in itself:


Part of the 2012 YAMYUM Food Blogathon.

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  1. amy says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chicken CURRY. xD You know, I tried making udon beef curry, but it didn’t turn out that well. xD I think it needed more broth because the noodles made it too dried.

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