The Cobbler Trailer

3 years after Win Win, Thomas McCarthy returns with The Cobbler, the fifth film directed by McCarthy, whose trailer has been released online.

The Cobbler stars Adam Sandler as shoe repairman Max Simkin, who isn’t happy with the lonely, dead-end life he’s crafted for himself. Then he discovers that the old sewing machine in his shop basement is actually a magic old sewing machine. Shoes repaired on that machine give the wearer a chance to live in the body of the shoes’ actual owner.

The cast is rounded up by Steve Buscemi, Dan Stevens, Ellen Barkin and Dustin Hoffman. The screenplay was co-written by McCarthy and Paul Sado.

The Cobbler was screened first at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. A USA release date has yet to be announced, but it is scheduled to premiere in the UK sometime during 2015.

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