Nurse Jackie – Season 1

On Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, we follow Jackie Peyton struggling to balance the insanely busy hours as a nurse at a New York City hospital, and her personal drama. Sharing her personal drama and lending support whenever possible is her doctor friend Eleanor O’Hara, her nurse friend “Momo” de la Cruz, and to some extent her protégé newly hired nurse Zoey.

The show is labeled as a comedy, but it’s more like a dark dramedy. You have to like laughing at dead people, and every other person that might cross your path regardless of anything. Jackie can be a super nurse whenever she gets her fix — think of her as a sort of Dr. House, but nicer to the patient. Unlike him, Jackie can be the most accommodating person, the most efficient, and the most caring. It’s hard not to forgive all the not-so-ethical things she does. After all, she is just a person trying to help.

My favorite moments are the interactions at the hospital or chilling with her hospital friends. Dr. Eleanor O’Hara cracks me up with her British dry humor, as well as Zoey’s chirpy personality. However, I haven’t warmed up to Jackie’s love life, even though I do find her daughters adorable.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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