Just Go with It

Release date: February 11, 2011
Director: Dennis Dugan
Stage play by: Pierre Barillet, Jean-Pierre Grédy (French original), Abe Burrows
Screenplay by: Allan Loeb, Timothy Dowling
Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, Nick Swardson, Bailee Madison, Griffin Gluck, Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews

Let me start off by saying — Amy, you owe me.

I have, for the life of me, always tried to avoid Jennifer Aniston outside of a FRIENDS reruns, and… I’m guilty of watching one or two Sandler flicks, but for the most part, I avoid them too.

But she begged me to write a review on this for one reason only. Nicole Kidman.

Just Go with It is a romantic comedy about loser plastic surgeon Danny (Sandler) who pretends to be trapped in a fail marriage to get laid, and his assistant, single mother of two Katherine (Aniston), who ends up going to Hawaii with him and her kids because Danny is trying to nail a way-too-young, kid-loving but sexy Palmer (Decker).

However, this is not just a Sandler flick, since it’s based on a French stage play called Fleur de Cactus. But let’s leave it like that. Sandler plays Sandler over and over again, while Aniston plays Aniston over and over again. Jokes are tired, Sandler’s “funny” faces are old, as is his whining voice.

Story is predictable, but what you really want to know is, “What is Nicole Kidman doing here?” Right? Well, Nicole Kidman plays Devlin, Katherine’s college/sorority frenemy. Kidman plays a mean girl, and I kinda loved it. Devlin was the popular girl in school that no girl liked, but still hung out with because she was popular. She’s obnoxious and always wants to one-up you in success.

Her “husband” — smelling irony — is played by Dave Matthews (from Dave Matthews Band), and they both just let go. I gotta admit that the Hula-off with the Coconut-off got the biggest laugh, and I swear to god that for a glimpse there I saw Satine – The Sparkling Diamond.

But let’s be honest: if I were you, I’d wait for cable.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

P.S: I feel sorry for tagging Nicole Kidman in this.

Ghost Writer

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8 Responses

  1. amy says:

    Ghost, it’s called “taking one for the team” =)

  2. Julili says:

    aw you poor ghoul! Having to watch a movie u don’t want to watch ahha

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Bailee Madison was better than the entire cast (except Kidman) until the contest parts came into play.

    Yeah, this was a wait-for-cable film.

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