Willow Smith – 21st Century Girl

Little fireckracker Willow Smith released the MV for her new song 21st Century Girl on March 7th.

I must say that this song is refreshing*, the lyrics are strong yet appropriate for her age. It’s like they managed to make pop that empowers kids by not having to go the sexual route. Who knew they could do it?

The video is interesting. I find it as original as her first MV Whip my Hair [MV], she is kicking it hardcore and I can’t do anything more than let her dominate my screen. When is this kid releasing an album? Because I want to buy it.

*And somewhere in LA, Ke-dollar-sign-ha is wishing she got her hands on this song first.


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  1. amy says:

    I didn’t really dig Whip my Hair, whip your hair or however that song was. But this one is sort of okay. Given the choice for my non-existent kids, I would definitely pick her over Ke-dollar-sign-ha.

    I still think there’s an issue with an idol that young. It’s unsettling to idolize someone younger than you. LOL But that’s my issue…

    • julili says:

      @amy, With Whip my Hair I just liked the club sound it have and the receptive chorus (Kpop was damaged me).
      This song, I really, really like the lyrics. It’s so appropriate and more kick-ass then whatever Spice-Girls ever sang. And god knows today’s young girls need a new role-model that isn’t Britney nor Miley *meh*

      Well there is nothing we can do about the age thing. I’m a little bit accustomed to it because Kpop likes to debut them young. Yet I have never seen an 11-year old, I just find her kick ass, she gives me hope for the future!

  1. August 20, 2014

    […] by Rich Lee, who directed the little Will Smith sprout, Willow Smith, on 21st Century Girl [MV]. He also gave us Flying Neo Eminem on Not Afraid […]

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