Maroon 5 – Love Somebody

Maroon 5 and, specifically Adam Levine, has been using the NBC singing reality contest The Voice as a winning ticket to promote his music, so this time Maroon 5 has debuted their latest single, Love Somebody, from their lackluster 2012 album Overexposed (much?). The only problem? The NBC f*cks think that Maroon 5 have no fans outside the US or something, so they have it region restricted on their website, the buttholes.

There’s even a region restriction on YinYueTai.

The music video, however, is pretty cool. Directed by Rich Lee, who directed the little Will Smith sprout, Willow Smith, on 21st Century Girl [MV]. He also gave us Flying Neo Eminem on Not Afraid [MV].

The video centers on an invisible Levine who begins making himself apparent after spreading paint on his face, body and his female companion, whom we’ve already grown accustomed to know that he’s going to grope. It’s a good-looking video with a dash of biochemist/photographer Linden Gledhill’s work with paint, and a bit Iain Crawford paint splash photography. But that’s because they’re all paint-related.

— Editor’s Edit —

If I remember, will update with an official link. If that ever happens.

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